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Insight Article Mobile gaming finally grows up (September 2015):


Insight Article The King of advertising (August 2015):


Insight Article Drilling down to the core (July 2015):


Insight Article The year of WTF games finance (April 2015):


Insight Article Goodgame Studios profile (January 2015):


Insight Article VR's commercial rift (October 2014):


Insight Article Games funding: The experts' advice (September 2014):


Insight Article Smaller, faster, leaner: The latest UK development data (August 2014):


Insight Article Extraordinary games companies: Tencent (July 2014):

GIC in the news (July 2014) The Guardian covers the release of our sources of funding report for TIGA (sponsored by Google) and quotes Nick Gibson in the process., amongst many others, also covers the report's launch.


  Games Investor Consulting's latest research report is an in-depth investigation of, and guide to, the sources of funding for UK games companies. The report was commissioned and published by TIGA and sponsored by Google. Download the whole report for free from here.


Insight Article Land of the setting sun - can mobile save Japan? (July 2014):


  TIGA published GIC's analysis of its 2013 census of UK games developers in June 2014. 

GIC in the news (June 2014)German newspaper Handelsblatt explores the Chinese console games market opportunity with GIC's help. Read it here (in German). The Times celebrates the 30th anniversary of the launch of Tetris with a look at its origins and impact, quoting Nick Gibson in the process. Read it here (may require subscription).


Insight Article Paper tiger: China's console opportunity (June 2014):


Insight Article Microconsoles: growing pains or death throes? (May 2014):

Insight Article See You Wii U? (April 2014):

Insight Article The best of all worlds (February 2014):


GIC in the news (January 2014)Nick Gibson provides the headline quote and some brief analysis for Edge's investigation of the prospects for Valve's Steam Machines project. Read it here.


Insight Article One box to rule them all (December 2013):

Insight Article Mobile messaging games (November 2013):

Insight Article Dealing with investors (October 2013):Nick Gibson provides some guidance on how developers should deal with investors and highlights some of the most common mistakes studios make in pitching for finance.

GIC in the news (October 2013):   Edge magazine takes a detailed look at the strategy and prospects for Valve's SteamOS citing Nick Gibson's analysis extensively. Also Reuters looks into Ubisoft's product release delays, also citing Nick Gibson.

Insight Article The 8 day game video war (September 2013):


GIC in the news (September 2013):   Edge magazine assesses Sony and Microsoft's strategic positions with their latest consoles, citing Nick Gibson's analysis. 


Insight Article The once and future console (August 2013): We dig into Microsoft's original but now rejected Xbox One DRM strategy and attempt to see through the internet fury to see what could have been.


GIC in the news (July 2013):    Two Guardian articles quote Nick Gibson on games corporate finance subjects. First, on the AIM flotation of Frontier Developments and then on Activision's $8bn split from majority shareholder Vivendi.


Insight Article Does aggressive monetisation work? (June 2013): We investigate whether more aggressive monetisation tactics actually work commercially or whether they simply drive players away and are unsustainable in the long-term.


GIC in the news (June 2013) The Grocer quotes Nick Gibson in its look at Moga's "game-changing" controller peripheral for smartphones.


GIC in the news (April 2013):  Le Monde assesses Nintendo's current travails, quoting Nick Gibson in the process.


Insight Article Descent to the core (April 2013): Sony's unveiling of the PS4 suggests a refocusing on the core gamer. We assess the implications for this strategy.


Insight Article Surviving the big thaw - will Brit studios thrive after the big freeze? (March 2013): We assess GIC's latest UK developer census for TIGA which shows a return to growth after years of decline. We explore whether this growth is sustainable and what the future holds for the UK development sector.


Insight Article  Have gamers really unsubscribed? (February 2013): GIC uses its MMOG databases to explore what has really happened to the subscription model.


Insight Article  2012's fiscal cliff (January 2013): The amount raised by privately held games companies collapsed in 2012 following numerous buoyant years. Why did this happen and what does this mean for the industry?


GIC in the news (November 2012): Le Monde cites Nick Gibson in an analysis of Wii U's prospects.

Insight Article One step forward... Sony hesitates with PlayStation Mobile (November 2012):

GIC explores the potential and pitfalls for Sony's PlayStation Mobile initiative.

Insight Article Going the distance: Where are we in the console cycle? (October 2012):

Has Nintendo really “won” and Sony “lost” this generation? We look at the data and forecasts for the current console generation and explore where we actually are in the current cycle.


Insight Article Back to the future with connected TV gaming (September 2012):

We look at the current state of the connected TV gaming market and ask whether its troubled history will repeat itself.


IBC Conference (September 2012): GIC's Rick Gibson is presenting and joining a panel discussion at IBC on Sunday 9th Sept 2012 about Smart TV gaming. Rick will be assessing  the latest assault on the TV by games companies compared to the last one in the early 2000s, highlighting challenges and opportunities for accessing a potential audience of hundreds of millions using TV remotes to play via a new generation of television technology.


Insight article Cloudy forecasts - the future of cloud gaming (August 2012): Nick Gibson looks at cloud gaming's potential following Sony's Gaikai acquisition (just before the collapse of OnLive).


Insight article Nintendo's social experiment in Miiverse (July 2012): Rick Gibson wonders why some think that Miiverse is a social network.


Cross Video Days Conference (June 2012)Rick Gibson joined a panel at the Cross Video Days conference in Paris to discuss the potential for transmedia projects to work with games companies, covering gamification, Smart TV gaming and licensing opportunities between the two media.


Insight article The wisdom of crowds - an analysis of crowdfunding for games companies (June 2012): Nick Gibson looks at some bare truths around the use of crowdfunding for games projects.


Insight article  What a relief - implications of the new games tax credit (May 2012): Rick Gibson looks at the implications of the recently announced tax relief for British games companies.


Insight article  Retail therapy - the future of games retail (April 2012): Nick Gibson assesses the fallout and future of games retail after the demise and rebirth of GAME.


TIGA wins games tax credits with GIC's help (March 2012)The Chancellor announced tax credits for the games industry (21 03 12), which follows years of work by TIGA, GIC and Osborne Clarke to persuade successive governments about the need for a tax credit for this key knowledge economy industry. GIC conducted its 3rd census of the UK's games industry, surveyed British games staff overseas about brain drain, crafted many of the arguments and wrote much of the TIGA report that changed the Government's mind about tax credits for games development companies. GIC wholeheartedly congratulates George Osborne and the Coalition Government on its decision, and TIGA on its sustained lobbying in the face of opposition from some pundits and quarters of the industry. GIC also pays tribute to Ian Livingstone's tireless work behind the scenes at the heart of Government.


Insight article Uncharted territory - the lure of digital charts (March 2012): Rick Gibson takes a hard look at whether attempts to scale online games market can succeed.


Insight article After the 2011 census - 3 challenges to UK development (February 2012): Rick Gibson updates us GIC's latest census for TIGA and the challenges it poses to British games companies.


Insight article  What next for government assistance  (January 2012): Rick Gibson writes a provocation piece to the UK government about assisting an industry in troubled transition.


GIC opens TIGA's casual games event (January 2012)Rick Gibson opened the conference at Osborne Clarke with an overview of three casual games markets, with data from its mini-report exclusively for TIGA members.


GIC keynotes Osborne Clarke summit (December 2011)GIC's Rick Gibson gave the keynote address at the invite-only event attended by the UK's most senior games executives in London. Rick then chaired a session on hardcore social. The event operates under Chatham House rules.


Insight article Gambling with gameplay  (December 2011): Nick Gibson looks at how close some games companies are getting to the regulatory border of gambling.


Insight article European gaming's venture capital problem (November 2011): Nick Gibson analyses why Europe seems less capable of funding games businesses than other regions.


Insight article The promiscuous hardcore gamer (October 2011): Rick Gibson assesses new data suggesting that the casual market is being killed off by social gaming.


Insight article Nintendo doom-mongers beware (August 2011): Nick Gibson wonders whether people are consigning Nintendo's 3DS to the scrapheap too soon.


GIC at Intellect gamification event (September 2011)GIC's Rick Gibson spoke at the Intellect event on how to get the most from gamification and how previous gamification projects have succeeded alongside speakers from Playgen, Spigit and Pailz.


Insight article Microtransactions consolation prize (August 2011): Nick Gibson investigates the enormous potential of microtransactions on console and asks why the opportunity is largely untapped.


Edinburgh TV Festival Conference (August 2011)Rick Gibson presented and chaired a panel on gaming at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on Saturday 27th August. Panellists were Robert Nashak from BBC Worldwide, Paulina Bozek from Inensu and Charles Cecil from Revolution.


Insight article: Learning to Love Gamification  (July 2011): After nearly 3 years working on a large scale gamification project, Rick Gibson analyses the potential and pitfalls of gamification.


Insight article:  Hardcore social  (June 2011)Nick Gibson appraises how Kabam drastically cut its user base and grew twentyfold by focusing on the highly lucrative area of hardcore social gaming.


Insight article:  Understanding Smurfgate (May 2011): Rick Gibson assesses how a scandal around virtual goods in a mobile game roused the legislators and changed the way Apple handles in-app purchasing.


Insight article: Why the Gamification market will never be accurately scaled (May 2011): GIC's Rick Gibson analyses whether it is possible to accurately size the gamification market and why some analysts' gamification projections should be scrutinised.


GIC keynotes London's inaugural Gamification conference (May 2011): GIC's Rick Gibson launched London's first gamification conference as part of Digital Shoreditch. Rick joined a strong line up of speakers including Sebastian Deterding from Coding Conduct, Former Playfish Marketing Director Raf Keustermans, Kam Star from Playgen and Tom Reding from the BBC.


GIC launches on Twitter (April 2011): GIC has launched its Twitter feed @gamesinvestor. Follow our thoughts on the business of games.


Abertay's first round of prototype grants awarded with GIC help (April 2011)The first six projects funded by Abertay University's Prototype fund have been announced, along with GIC's involvement. We gave a rigorous commercial assessment of candidates that made it through a first screening stage.


Insight article: Analysing the analysts (Feb-Mar 2011): Nick Gibson explains why the old addage 'there are lies, damn lies and statistics' remains true for analysts using the wrong research methodology.


GIC in the New York Times and TechRadar (January 2011) : Nick Gibson assesses the impact of Sony's new handheld NGP here and assesses claims that Nintendo is taking its next generation too slowly here.


GIC speaks at Monetising Social Games conference (January 2011): Rick Gibson spoke at the Clarion event about the DNA, best practice, commercial performance and valuations of social network game developers.


GIC confirmed to speak at GameHorizon 2011 (December 10): Rick Gibson is confirmed to speak for the fourth year in a row at this leading industry conference in Newcastle.


Insight Article (December 2010) Science Friction: Rick Gibson assesses the commercial science of managing the friction that can make or break your social game.


GIC chairs panel at Osborne Clarke's Interactive Entertainment Summit (November 2010): Rick Gibson spoke about how games publishers are changing to address online markets and chaired the summit's concluding panel of industry luminaries at this high level conference in London.


Insight Article (November 2010) Facebook's Forgotten Fountain of Youth: Nick Gibson looks at why the youth audience that founded Facebook is being under-served by games and go elsewhere to play.