Games Investor Consulting - Games Industry Business Intelligence

A specialist games research, corporate finance and strategic management consultancy founded in 2003

Our staff have over 18 consecutive years' experience analysing and consulting to the games industry, an extensive international contact network and an in-depth understanding of both the games and finance industries.


GIC typically consults at board-level on market assessment, corporate strategy, market entry and development, fund-raising, investment and acquisitions.

GIC was founded by specialist games industry consultant Nick Gibson. Nick is a former senior analyst at boutique investment bank, Durlacher, where he specialised in the computer and video games and internet industries. Whilst at Durlacher, Nick was widely considered the City’s leading authority on the games and internet industries, and has now specialised in those fields for over 18 years. His views are regularly featured in the specialist, business and mass-market press, and on television and radio. Nick is the author of numerous industry reports published by Screen Digest, NESTA and TIGA.


Rick is a former Commercial Development Director at UPC Media (where he handled
international games deals), a Cranfield MBA, and a Director at GIC. A specialist in online gaming and globalisation, Rick has worked in gaming for over 13 years, written numerous reports on gaming, and speaks regularly at industry conferences and in the media about games innovation, new commercial models and the UK development sector. Rick led TIGA’s Investing in the Future report in August 2009 and then again in January 2011, and was one of the founders of the 2008 Games Up? campaign, which dramatically raised the UK studio sector's profile to UK politicians and mainstream media.













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